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Happy leswing car

Power type: Battery

Battery: 2*80A

Ring diameter: 1.5m

Operation: Remote control

Age group: Kids &Adult

Email: info@jscarnivalrides.com

Mob: +86 15036116306

Tel: +86-371-6328 7382



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1. 360 degree radar anti-collision sensor
The body of leswing car rides is 360 degrees. 10 pairs of radar without dead angle crash protection sensor.

Our leswing car can stop automatic when radar sense obstacles or people nearby, avoid to crash the machine

or accident.

2. 360-degree all-round intelligent joystick
This leswing car has 360 degrees without dead corner Intelligent remote control direction sensitive operation.

It is very fun, whether it is played by children or the elder.

3. Intelligent design easy to operate

The car rides has multiple models start(Swipe start, Remote start),
Play time,Presentation time can be adjust by yourself , malfunction self-test, etc .it is easily to operate.

4. Ergonomic structure seats
It matchs with standard seat belt, more safe and comfortable. Players can play as they please, security

and peace of mind.

5. Intelligent colorful led lights , Music system
This amusement rides have stunning colorful LED lights, Dazzling, Flashing charming, Inhalation of

the eye, Built-in multiple audio. It has three-dimensional sense of music, song switching, music volume

can be controled by hand.

■ Operating instructions

1. Standby mode
In a quiescent state, Wait for the credit card or remote start,If not activated within a certain period of

time, Will enter the flicker attraction model ,

2. Operation , display interface
The joystick controls the direction of movement, The display shows game time and so on, Press to set,

3. Game model
After happy car start , will start the game model , mean while the music will be start , The display shows

the remaining game time ,

4. Operation buttons
The remaining battery capacity is displayed, There are high middle , low block model , music can be

chose by yourself ,

5. General Settings
A. Language (Chinese, English can be Switched) 

B. Game time

C. Obstacle test 

D. Demonstration interval 

E. Display time 

F. Change password

6. Accounts check
Record operating conditions, Record the running times and time, Enable to clear all.

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