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Magic Jungle Net


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Magic Jungle Net is made of polyethylene polyester rope net. The bottom is a wide net, and the side is a protective net to prevent falling. On the magic net, everyone can roll, jump, and play happily. This is a magic place where children are looking for happiness, and also is a wonderful place for family entertainment.

As a non-powered amusement project, Magic Jungle Net is suitable for family members to participate in. Players can play through different difficulty and various routes to experience the charm of nature. The project is a collection of sports, challenges, adventures, and amusements. It is an outdoor sports project that can be set up on the ground or in the woods.

There are three forms of magic jungle net according to different appearances,and the common ones are flat magic net and radial magic net. Jungle magic net of different shapes can bring players a different jungle exploration experience.

The project is gradually emerging in scenic spots, forest parks, farms, squares, playgrounds, ecological parks and other places. During the experience, participants can not only be in close contact with nature, but also have a good physical and mental exercise.

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