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Stents Pool

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It is called Stents Pool because it is composed of steel frame and PVC material.

The Stents Pool is mainly used in the park square. In the hot summer, people’s demand for swimming pools has increased, which has added difficulties to the operation of natatoriums, but the emergence of Stents Pool has solved this problem. Children can go boating or play in the water. Because the Stents Pool is easy to disassemble and transport, it is deeply loved by the majority of swimmers.

The Stents Pool is also known as the mobile stents pool. After putting water and some small floating objects in the pool (water iceberg, water seesaw, water trampoline, water slide, inflatable boat, water volleyball, water climbing, banana boat, etc.;), it will become a popular form of water entertainment. Through the combination, it can also become a large-scale water park integrating leisure, entertainment, fitness, water play, cooling, and summer escape.

The Stents Pool is easy to set up, safe to use, clean and hygienic, and does not require special venues, so it is the first choice for users in parks, resorts, playground, scenic spots, temple fairs, schools and communities. As a seasonal equipment, it is used in summer and stored in winter, therefore, it does not need to occupy the room for a long time and does not require a lot of investment from investors. It is also the best way to get rich financial returns and develop swimming sports training.

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