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Space Shuttle Ride

Area Size: 8*16m

Voltage: 380V

Power: 7.5KW

Cabin: 10 cars

Capacity: 20 passengers

Volume: 20GP (6.8m)


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A new type of amusement equipment – Space Shuttle Ride, consists of a mighty fleet of sports cars with exquisite shapes and different styles. They are driven separately and run synchronously, shuttling along the track direction on the mini interchange track. Space Shuttle Ride is a movable amusement equipment with low cost, quick return and simple operation, etc, and also is the first choice for flexible operation of amusement equipment. During the ride, children will experience the feeling of crossing mountains and leaping through time and space. It is exciting but not panic-stricken. The decoration of the Space Shuttle Ride is in line with the aesthetic perception of children, so the introduction of this product in the amusement park will have considerable benefits.

The operations of Space Shuttle Ride can be mobile or fixed. Except for the columns and rails of the fixed track, the carriages, and the control cabinet, there are no other decorations. It is suitable for mobile operations such as temple fairs and squares, and is also suitable for fixed operations in places such as amusement parks and playgrounds. In order to consider the convenience of transportation, most of the cabins of the space shuttle ride are about 10 seats.

Advantages of Space Shuttle Ride:

1: The equipment adopts interchange track;

2: The cabins has a cartoon shape and various shapes;

3: Using fine and smooth FRP material and bright color paint process;

4: Changeable and beautiful LED lighting;

5: The overall color matching can be customized according to the requirements of customers, which meets the needs of customers;

6: Equipped with new lockable rainproof electric cabinet, which is safe and rainproof, easy to operate and use. 


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