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Disco tagada rides for sale

Capacity: 16 seats

Voltage: 380V

Running height: 1.8m

Space area: 5m*5m

Speed: 0-8rpm


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Tagada disco ride is a rotate fairground ride for amusement parks. Frankly, we have several sizes for

disco tagada. Mini tagada rides for kids with 8 seat, 16-40 seat thrill large tagada rides for adults, but

also for kids who are old enough.

As soon as passengers get on the rides and sit around the couch one by one, tagada rides will rotate

gradually, faster and faster. People will feel dizziness slowly. They need to hold the armrest around

the tagada cabins tightly or they will be through away. But with the increasing speed, no one could

stay on their own seat when it is fastest. Passengers will be threw into the middle of disco, but they

are safe enough, because the floor is soft. During the operating, colorful led lights around the equipment

will shinning, this provide people a feeling that they are dancing with disco.

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