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Large track sightseeing train

Type: Sightseeing Train
Power form: Diesel engine
Speed: 7km/h
Capacity: 60 person

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The large-scale track sightseeing train is a transportation tool, which is designed and produced for large-scale tourist attractions and farms. It adopts the design of traditional trains. The design of multiple large carriages and suspension help to solve the problem of large passenger.

The track sightseeing train can be designed and customized according to the customer’s site. The overall equipment meets industry standards. It is safe and reliable.

The large-scale track sightseeing train generally uses a circular track and it can whistle like a real train. In addition to solving the problem of passenger flow, when the tourist feels tired on the journey, it can also take the ride to relieve the fatigue of the journey. Train lines can also be designed specifically to connect characteristic scenic spots to increase customer immersion and improve travel experience.

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