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380 Speed Boat

Size: 3.8*1.55*1m
Capacity: 4 person
Dead Weight: 400kg
Power form: 15-30P outboard motor
Speed: 30-55 km/h
Sailing Area: C-grade

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The 380 speed boat adopts fiberglass reinforced plastic hull, which is easy to use, strong and durable. The hull is designed with a multi-layer to increase the overall thickness. The outer surface is covered with fusion of gel coat and resin, which has the characteristics of smoothness, corrosion resistance and low maintenance cost. It can be used in transportation, tourism, fishing, aviation administration, and public security.

An outboard motor is attached to the stern plate as the main engine for propulsion and also for steering. Although the tonnage of this product is small, it has high speed and flexibility. And we use simple and clear lines and exceptionally clear colors to create this cutting-edge fashion product. Its strong speed brings you different driving pleasure, and the functions of leisure, fishing and diving work bring you an unprecedented experience.

Our company has a complete range of products and various specifications to meet the individual needs of customers. You can customize various types of FRP boats according to your needs.

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