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Battery Powered Boats

Material: FRP
Capacity: 2-8 person
Power: 12V 500W electric machine
Color: Any combination of red, yellow, blue and green

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Battery powered boats adopts the FRP material certified by Bureau Veritas, which has high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, repairability and good value preservation.

Battery powered boat can automatically suck out when the hull is too much water, which ensures the stable and fast operation of the hull, improves the entertainment experience of passengers, and at the same time protects the hull and prolongs the service life.

During the use of the product, professional staff are required to guide the tourists to drive and operate, try to avoid collisions, do not allow rampage, and do a good job in maintenance. 

It also need to be charged by a professionals and to be charged every day for daily use, that is, it is used during the day and charged at night. The charging time should be guaranteed to be 8-10 hours to ensure sufficient power. Under normal use, it can last about 6 hours on a single charge.

Please always pay attention to the cleaning of the propeller, and there should be no water plants and garbage entangled. If you find this situation, it should be removed immediately, otherwise the load will increase, the current will increase, and the motor will be damaged.

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