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Amusement equipment safety management system

  1. Before the amusement activity starts, the attendant should explain the requirements of amusement equipment passengers.  

2, pay attention to observe the physical state of tourists, in case of discomfort or do not meet the requirements of the ride, the attendant should patiently persuade tourists to stop sitting.  

  1. When the tourists enter the passenger cabin, the attendant shall explain the safety knowledge and safety precautions to the tourists who take the seat amusement equipment, and check whether the safety device is fastened and firm.  
  2. During the operation of amusement equipment, operators shall not leave their posts without authorization, and shall concentrate on closely watching whether passengers have behaviors that do not meet safety requirements, and shall stop them in time if found.  
  3. When the equipment is running, passengers cry out loudly and fear is generated. The operator should press the emergency stop button immediately according to the operating procedure.  

Ensure the safety of employees  

  1. The personnel who have obtained the Special Equipment Operation Certificate shall be on duty with the certificate. The personnel without the certificate shall not operate or repair the amusement equipment.  
  2. When working at height, employees need to wear safety helmet, safety rope and other safety labor protection products, and dress in accordance with the safety requirements.  
  3. Some maintenance includes high and low voltage electrical operation and maintenance;  Electrical and gas welders shall wear insulating gloves and shoes during metal welding (gas cutting), and replace them in time when damaged or invalid.  
  4. Keep the working area clean, and do not leave any objects and sundries on site to ensure safe operation.  
  5. Employees should attach great importance to safety and operate in strict accordance with operating rules.  


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