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Is the park flying chair safe?

There is no need to worry the safety of the park flying chair, all the equipment from our factory is of guaranteed quality, you can buy them with assurance.

You can always see the figure of flying chair in amusement park or any other carnival places, it is classic park equipment, it can be divided into different types according to the scale of the equipment,  the capacity are 12/16/24/36 seats flying chair rides, of course we can also custom it according to you needs.

The luxurious exterior decoration and the varied movement forms make the device very interesting and stimulating, and it is a necessary amusement project in many amusement places.  

Beautiful patterns and flashing lights make it very attractive at night, when the equipment is running, as the support of the core column can be rising, no doubt make the equipment a bright scenery,  so it is very easy to attract tourists to come to experience.

It should be noted that although rotating flying chair is fun, it still belongs to large stimulation amusement equipment, so before playing, we must first read the “visitor notice”, (such as mental illness, heart disease, hypertension, fear of heights, motion sickness such as patients, pregnant women, alcoholics, people over 65 years old, and people who are not feeling well are not allowed to experience such amusement equipment). For the safety of everyone, please follow the arrangements of the staff.



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