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Battery Bumper Car Ride

Battery bumper car is a type of bumper car, as the name suggests, a battery-powered bumper car is one of the most common forms of amusement equipment and can be found in many amusement parks, parks and plazas.

In terms of power, it is composed of a group of batteries and a 60W motor. Generally, once full charged can run 8-10 hours.Compared with the ground grid bumper car, its cost may be a little cheaper, it only needs the level ground to run, so the operation is relatively free.If you want to change the site, you can directly transport the vehicle to the new site, which is very convenient and fast.

The general way of play is composed of several bumper cars a site, each car seat 1-2 people, the driver driving bumper cars in the site freely through the left and right bump, which is very exciting.There are anti-collision devices around the car to protect the car from damage, driving is also very simple, and the play time is generally 5-10 minutes for the appropriate,and it is adjustable, in terms of pricing can be fixed according to your local consumption.

There are also a variety of modelling options, such as conventional modelling, racing car modelling are very popular with tourists,there are lots of colorful Led lights around the car body, which make it more attractive at night. And the exterior shape can also be customized according to the needs of customers.

Bumper cars also have different prices, mainly according to the number of motors, lights, etc.Different price products are also different, because the material and quality are different, so the price of each manufacturer is not the same, you can contact the manufacturer directly for consultation.



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