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What should be prepared before the installation of the amusement equipment?

In recent years,there are more and more investors start amusement business,however, many investors are holding the idea of making money, there is a little knowledge for amusement equipment, don’t know much about the operation and installation, in fact, you should do some survey and preparation before investing, because most of the equipment before installation is need to do a lot of preparation work,Different amusement equipment needs different preparation, let discuss the details.

  1. Small amusement equipment

The small equipment still need some preparation, at least, you should keep the ground flat, (except the special equipment) There are also some equipment needs special slop, such as rainbow slide, if the ground is flat, it is not possible, there must be a slope, if it is flat, you need to pave or directly build a steel frame, in order to achieve the laying of facilities.

  1. Medium amusement equipment

When comes to medium equipment, the installation shall be carried out according to the foundation drawing of the equipment, and the soil has to be explored for future stability of the equipment, such as ferris wheel, roller coaster and so on. The larger the equipment, the higher the requirement of soil quality, even some medium-sized equipment is also need to do the foundation, and it also need a special testing company to issue a certificate to install the equipment

  1. The other amusement equipment

Other amusement equipment is also need a certain demand, like the most simple battery car, at least you must keep the ground is smooth. 

So, before buying equipment, you must clear whether the device has a special installation requirements, even if not installed demand also depends on whether or not to do preparation in advance, so as not to waste too much time and money, so you must pay attention to the preparation, especially the large equipment.



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