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Color makes children’s play equipment more wonderful

Color has always been a very sensitive thing for us, and color plays a big role in children’s play equipment, and today we’re going to look at the wonders of color design.

The influence of color design on children

Children’s amusement equipment is the children entertainment paradise, the color is an important approach to children’s cognition of the world, the color design of amusement equipment need from child’s unique perspective and points to understand children’s color psychology, through targeted. Reasonable color design can meet the demand of children’s physiological and psychological aspects of color, so as to achieve knowledge on children’s growth and intellectual development. When children experience amusement equipment, appropriate and reasonable color design will produce pleasant instinctive response, improve their excitement level, face challenges positively and bravely, and play a positive role in promoting the cultivation of their optimistic character.

The influence of color design on the Environment of children’s Amusement equipment

Children’s amusement equipment is set in the outdoor environment. The equipment and environmental colors influence each other. In color design, the coordination between the colors of the equipment and the surrounding environment should be considered.The colors of the equipment should be appropriately decorated in the surrounding environment and should not be abrupt. The surrounding environment colors include the colors of surrounding buildings, vegetation, sand, etc.The artificial lighting around children’s amusement equipment also affects the color of the equipment. A large area of dark color should not be used in a dark environment, which will bring fear to people. A large area of bright color should not be used in a bright place, which will cause the opposite effect of too bright.



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