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Notes for rides on amusement carousel ride

Luxury carousel is a kind of classic amusement equipment, the attractive exterior with exquisite workmanship can draw passengers’ attention immediately. It will give you a wonderful and romantic feeling when riding on the horse or carriage, that is why carousel rides are so welcomed among both kids and adults.

  1. wait in line when buying ticket, take rides in order, overload is forbidden, obey the command of operator.
  2. One person for each horse, overload is strictly prohibited.
  3. Hold on the handlebars firmly after you sit down
  4. Passengers are not allowed to stand up or get off the horse while the equipment is in operation.
  5. Other visitors are not allowed stay in the venue when the device is in operation.
  6. Passengers can not leave the seats until the stop single has been given.
  7. Kids who can not take alone must be acccompanied and supervised by an adult.
  8. People who are drunk, have heart disease, hypertension, psychosis or other vertigo are strictly prohibited.
  9. Please contact the operator in case of emergency during the operation.


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