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Ferris wheel ride for sale

It is not difficult to find that you can see Ferris wheel ride in every park, large wheel with nice cabin, sitting on the Ferris wheel allows visitors to see the whole park and even the city in mid-air, the large luxury Ferris wheel ride even became the typical device of a city or large theme park.

  Nowadays, the modern Ferris wheel ride is becoming more and more attractive from the appearance, we added many unique and awesome element to such luxury equipment, the most charming element is the cool lighting settings and the novel sound system.  Such decoration make the equipment more attractive at night. Some customized Ferris wheel even have air-conditioning in each cabin according to the requirement of our client. Then the travel of such Ferris wheel is becoming more comfortable.

In addition to the large luxury Ferris wheel, we also produce some small kid-friendly mini Ferris wheels. There are two types for choosing, single side mini ferris wheel and double side ferris wheel ride. Such mini ferris wheel can be used both indoor and outdoor places, such as mall, playground, kids park or square. Nice exterior with affordable price, so if you are looking for ferris wheel, please contact us for details.



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