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Self control amusement ride for sale

There is a series of self control amusement equipment very popular among investors, they have different names according to the different exterior and design, such as self control plane, self control shark, self control bee ride, self control bee bicycle and self control duck.

These amusement equipment are all very popular for their beautiful exterior and interesting riding experience, they can not only rotate around the center, but also can fly up and down. Passengers can raise and lower the cockpit by themselves as the equipment rotates. The equipment is equipped with wonderful sound effect and attractive LED light. Which make it more attractive at night.

We can also customized it for you according to your requirement, such as the color of the device, the theme, the capacity, the decorated element and so on, we have customized many novel self control plane ride for our clients, which also make our clients very satisfied with our products and services.  High quality with affordable price, welcome to inquiry for details.




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