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Fire control measures should be taken to manage amusement equipment

Nowadays, the amusement industry is becoming more and more popular, and lot of people want to do amusement business. But when operating amusement equipment, we should not only pay attention to safety measures, but also pay attention to fire control measures. So what fire control measures should we do?

  1. As for the setting of children’s playground, it should be located on the first to the third floor of the shopping mall. It is strictly prohibited to set it in the underground shopping mall or above the fourth floor.
  2. Indoor children’s amusement equipment should take the initiative to the local fire department for filing before installation, and be equipped with sufficient fire equipment, including fire extinguishers, emergency lights and evacuation signs, etc., and often check to ensure its availability.
  3. The laying of electrical circuits shall meet the requirements of the specification, and the pipe shall be well perforated. When using high-power electrical appliances, it shall keep sufficient distance from combustible products.At the same time, in the installation should be reserved fire access.
  4. When a fire occurs, a large number of harmful smoke produced by combustible materials is the main cause of suffocation.Dinis amusement equipment reminds you that the materials used for amusement equipment must be non-combustible materials.
  5. There should be no less than two exits in the place where the amusement equipment is located, so that there can be a single entrance and exit. When the mall is a high-rise building, a separate entrance and exit must be set up.
  6. Carry out strict routine inspection every day, check whether the electrical parts of the control cabinet are aging, rusty, or poorly connected, and timely repair and maintain.


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