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Preparations for installation of amusement equipment

Most of the amusement facilities need to do a lot of preparation work before installation. The installation sequence of the amusement facilities is generally the first installation of structural parts, then the installation of electrical parts, then the installation of seats or vehicles, etc., and the last is the commissioning of the amusement facilities. After passing the inspection and acceptance of the relevant testing institutions, the training of operators and other next steps can be carried out.According to the past experience in the installation of amusement facilities, because of the different characteristics of different amusement facilities , the preparation is not the same.The preparation work and precautions for the installation of the amusement facilities are shared as follows. I hope it will be helpful to you.

 Preparations before installation of amusement facilities

  1. Preparations before installation of small amusement facilities

Before the installation of the preparation work, the main preparation of small amusement facilities is the land leveling.Some amusement facilities require a fixed slope, which can be reasonably designed and used according to the site.

  1. Preparations before installation of medium and large scale amusement facilities

The installation of medium and large amusement facilities requires soil survey and construction according to the foundation drawing of amusement facilities to ensure the stability of amusement facilities.The production standard of the foundation can be carried out according to the drawings. In the actual construction process, generally speaking, the larger the amusement facilities are, the higher requirements for the foundation are, the more stringent standards of the relevant departments are, and the period is also relatively longer.

  1. Preparations before installation of individual amusement facilities

This mainly refers to some individual recreational facilities with characteristics, such as electric trackless train ride, whose operation is based on the need for the road,in fact, before the purchase of amusement facilities, it is recommended to consult the installation needs of the facilities and the preparation work that needs to be done, and then arrange the time reasonably according to the specific situation, so as to avoid the passive caused by the large budget and the waste of time in the construction period.



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