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How Should Investors Manage Happy Jelly Fish?

Happy Jelly Fish is a new type of rotating amusement equipment, which combines jellyfish-shaped FRP and colorful cockpits. When running, the cockpit rotates around the central axis, and can rise and fall. Each one can take four people, and it is very popular among tourists. How should investors manage this amusement equipment?

Happy jelly fish Park rides

1. Appearance

The appearance of the children’s amusement equipment should be eye-catching enough, highlight the theme and personality of the park, and be beautifully decorated, so that it is easier to attract a large number of customers for a trial experience.

2. Adopt a membership system

Merchants formulate a membership system, allowing customers to apply for membership cards. On the one hand, the customer can get corresponding discounts, and this system can also attract customers to come to the park for long-term consumption. Establishing stable customer relationships can also speed up the return on investment in the product.

3. Hold events appropriately

Regularly hold special offers or parent-child events to attract more customer traffic while expanding the visibility of the products.

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