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How does a self control aircraft operate?

The self-control aircraft in the playground design and planning is deeply loved by children. It is mainly composed of mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical systems. There are many types of self control aircraft, the most common of which are 6-arm, 8-arm, 10-arm, etc. The aircraft will also rotate around the intermediate axis, and players will also freely control the plane up and down. So, how does the rotating self-control plane in the playground operate?

The total power of the self-control aircraft is generally 9KW, and the installed power needs to reach more than 10KW. There are also requirements on the site, and it is necessary to ensure that concrete with a thickness of more than 10 cm can be installed. The chassis fixing can be divided into two types, one with foundation and one without foundation. It is recommended that you use embedded parts to weld and fix during installation, which is more secure, and it is also a method that many amusement parks will use when installing rotating self-control aircraft.

What we need to pay attention to before starting the self control plane is to check the electrical system first to see if the power indicator of the electric control cabinet is normally on after the power is turned on. At the same time, it should also be noted that after the bell button is activated, it is necessary to check whether the plane is working normally.

When passengers are riding, staff need to pay attention to reminding them to fasten their seat belts. The two buttons in the cockpit operate the ascent and descent of the aircraft respectively, which can be controlled by the passengers themselves. At the same time, a timing relay system is also installed in the electric control cabinet, which can start and stop according to the pre-adjusted time.



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