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How to carry out routine maintenance of children’s amusement equipment?

Security is the most important issue for every kids amusement ride investor,after all, once there is accident,the investor will not only face large compensation, the future business will also take a nose drive. So the investors must eliminate the potential safety hazard from the place,amusement equipment and daily maintenance.then, how to carry out routine maintenance?

First,circuit safety

The amusement device and the lighting are all close relate to circuit, thus the routine maintenance of circuit can not be neglect.in addition to checking whether the wires are aging and damaging,we should check the normal operation of various equipment before opening every day, so as to  avoid causing damage to the player.

Secondly,soft package checking

Soft package has gradually becoming the main performance among kids amusement equipment,it can not only maximize the inspiration of the designer display, but also provide comprehensive protection against bumps for children.but once the soft package is damaged, the exposed part of inside is easy to cause harm to the children.the investors should check the soft package on regular,once find the damage,you should repair in time to avoid appearing accident.

Thirdly, the seats checking

Some of the amusement equipment have seat to fix kids’ body, so the safety belt and the safety pressure bar must fixed well,locked tight and no damage or broken,the locking device of the cabin door and the entrance shall be flexible, reliable and non destructive.in addition, there is no crack and corrosion in cabin frame and cabin body.

Do a good job of safety management and maintenance, not only can find equipment failure in time, but also reduce accident rate,so as to improve the personal safety of kids.



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