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What are the mistakes that amusement investor should avoid?

A lot of kids amusement investors always face a problem, that is revenues fell short expectation.The reason for this situation is that the operator of kids amusement equipment have gone into the business error zone and are not aware of it.in fact, only find out the operation problem and apply appropriate remedy can solve the crisis.now, let us analyze for you about the common operation error zone.

First, blindly follow.

Some operator will go into a kind of error zone, that is blindly follow. They will choose the most popular amusement equipment in recently. For example, when find some of the operator some amusement equipment with high profitable,then buy the machine immediately.sometimes,because of the industrial gathered effect, if the amusement projects are too similar,it will cause unnecessary competition. And make your own customer group separated. Thus, face to the various of amusement items,the operator should not only observe whether it has new ideas,but also under the market condition.combined with your own condition,to open an amusement park that suitable for local amusement needs.


Second,Win by quantity

In fact,proper site layout is the best,of course, much equipment can really attract more customer to have a look, but you should also match equipment according to the size of you place, keep aisle for each equipment to give customer room to appreciate,such arrange can increase customer’s interest and then improve the profits.if only to blindly increase the equipment without reserving enough space, it will only bring the the feeling of chaos and congestion to customers, which serious affecting the entertainment experience.


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