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How to deal the the phenomenon of shake or noise appear in the carousel running process?

Many amusement equipment operators will encounter such a problem, there is shake and noise phenomenon appear in the carousel running process, do you know how is the phenomenon produced?And how to solve it?

Different amusement equipment production companies manufacture carousel with different materials and processes, in the carousel operation will also appear different conditions,some carousel shake and pause phenomenon is mostly caused by the uneven carousel platform.

There may be four reasons for the instability of the carousel platform, 1low tire pressure, 2 The bearing binding part needs to be lubricated, 3 Screw loosening due to lack of maintenance, 4 Unsteady current causes the horse to shake .Combined with the above four items, find out the problem – can be solved.

What’s with the noise the merry-go-round makes?- Generally because the transmission part and the friction of the bearing increase, adding lubricating oil can eliminate this phenomenon.

It is suggested that the amusement equipment operators choose the right carousel equipment according to their own conditions, Manufacturers with good technology can reduce the shaking, stalling and noise of the carousel horses. We recommend you to choose our Dinis carousel ride – a large amusement equipment production company.



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