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How to deal with the off-season of amusement parks?

The business of the amusement park also has a peak season and a low season. As an operator, you must learn to balance the complementarity of off-peak and peak-season operations in order to have a healthy development. According to the characteristics of the off-season and peak seasons, the operator can achieve: accumulating strength in the off-season and exerting force in the peak season, thereby realizing orderly operation. So what should you do to be poised to the peak season in the low season?

1. Strengthen equipment: A handy tool makes a handy man. After the peak operation season, the amusement equipment will suffer a certain degree of wear and tear. In the off-season, in order to extend the service life of the equipment and enhance the tourist experience, the maintenance of the equipment and facilities is extremely necessary. Usually, the safety inspection of the park project will be carried out first, and the infrastructure such as the pipeline, computer room, and operation console of the park will be systematically repaired. At the same time, according to the wear and tear of the equipment, a maintenance suggestion is issued, and the procurement department purchases maintenance supplies. According to the maintenance planandthe technical requirements, you need to reasonably arrange personnel, carry out item-by-item maintenance work, in order to realize the rational use of human resources. Equipment with potential safety hazards should be dealt with or replaced in time, so as to lay a solid foundation for operations in peak seasons.

2. Team management: Usually, some parks take the practice of paying only basic wages in the off-season, or leaving the core employees and dismissing grassroots employees, whichwill lead to a shortage of manpower when the peak season arrives, requiring re-hiring and re-training. Itis not good in terms of human input or effect output. The time cost and expenditure cost of re-recruitment and training are not cost-effective, and new employees also need time to familiarize themselves with the environment and work process, which will affect the service and operation management level in the coming year. Therefore, operators need to pay attention to the allocation ratio of team human resources. Before the formal operation and management of the park, setting a reasonable ratio of core employees to part-time employees will greatly reduce the pressure of manpower placement in the off-season. At the same time, during the off-season operation period, we will carry out strong and effective human resource assessment and integration, and combine the willingness and skill characteristics of employees to transfer and transfer positions, so as to lay a solid foundation for the peak season operation.

3. Internet promotional efforts

In the off-season, you can use the existing publicity forms to analyze the target group, mine the activity resources, combine the local actual situation, highlight the feelings according to the current hot spots, and extract the products or marketing activities that can most attract tourists in the off-season. Through product experience or off-season marketing campaigns, you can not only consolidate old users, but also acquire new ones. This is also an important means to win the goodwill and praise of tourists, attract attention and deepen the theme.



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