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How to choose a inflatable castle?

Inflatable castles are very popular among children, and the portability of its mobile operation has attracted many investors. However, facing with difficult to distinguish quality, and mixed manufacturers, how should investors choose bouncy castles correctly?

Crab Inflatable Slide

1. Investors need to feed back information to inflatablecastle manufacturers based on their own investment capabilities, operating site area and space height. The selection of inflatablecastle products must be predictable or popular. For children, beautiful appearance, novel shapes, various colors, etc., can attract them only if they meet the aesthetic needs of children. To attract customers for a long time, you must convince customers of your product. Therefore, it is the most basic to ensure the safe and normal operation of the inflatable equipment.

2. Most of the kiddie inflatable castles are handmade, so the smoother the surface of the inflatable castle means the finer the workmanship. Investors should choose a bouncy castle with a smooth surface and no burrs to avoid customers being stabbed by burrs when gaming.

3. If the smell of kiddie inflatable castle is too pungent, it means that the plastic seal is too strict or the paint on the surfaceis faulty. If the plastic packaging is too tight,you only need to put it in a cool and ventilated place for 2-3 days to solve the problem of the smell. Generally, as long as it is an inflatable castle purchased through formal channels, the paint on the surface should be non-toxic and harmless specific paint, but there are also some inferior manufacturers who use low-cost ones that contain a large amount of lead and benzene, so investors need to pay special attention in the selection process.



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