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How to identify the quality of FRP in amusement equipment exterior?


General speaking, kids amusement equipment will use a material called fiberglass, its scientific name is fiberglass reinforced plastic, it is a kind of glass fiber and its products (glass cloth, tape, felt, yarn, etc.) as the reinforcing material, using synthetic resin as the matrix material.

There are some advantages of FRP, such as light and hard,non-conductive, stable performance, high mechanical strength and anti-corrosion. Then, what quality standards should manufacturer meet when applying FRP products.

  1. the surface of the FRP should be smooth and no cracks, and the color is uniform.
  2. Defects such as bad impregnation, bad curing, bubble, delamination of cutting surface and unequal thickness are not allowed.
  3. The surface is not allowed to crack, damaged, obvious repair marks, cloth grain exposure, wrinkles, uneven convex, tonal difference and other defects, corners  should be smooth and flat.
  4. When the FRP parts are directly connected with the stressed parts, they should have sufficient strength; otherwise, the metal parts should be embedded.
  5. The mechanical properties of FRP parts should conform to the regulations

    Dinis carnival equipment’s raw material of fiberglass is made of process resin higher than national standard, which has higher toughness, less cracking and anti-aging, greatly increasing the service life of recreation equipment.In the spray painting process, three primer, three varnish, three varnish high quality process, with BMW, Benz and other luxury cars with the same brand, to achieve the key across the hardness without leaving any trace.



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