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Tourism and economic benefits of outdoor large Ferris wheels

The role of the outdoor large Ferris wheel is mainly tourism. The Ferris wheel has a unique way of sightseeing. It can adapt to tourists of different levels and ages. For example, the “London Eye” can be used for 15,000 people per hour. It reception 2 million person-times at first year and recovered its investment in just two and a half years.


 In addition to the functions of the rides and the huge economic benefits, the outdoor large Ferris wheel also has extensive and abyssal social benefits. It not only becomes a symbol of the level of spiritual civilization construction of the city, but also a landmark building of the city. Like the “London Eye” and the “Eiffel Tower” are the symbols of London and Paris.


The outdoor large Ferris wheel is also the product of a comprehensive level of various industrial capabilities. It incorporates many of the latest scientific research results, which fully demonstrates the charm of science and technology applied to entertainment, and it has become an expression of the country’s comprehensive national strength. Social benefits are not lower than economic benefits.



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