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How to set amusement park equipment product line ?

What is a product line?  A Product Line is a group of related products that may have similar functions, be sold to the same customers, go through the same distribution route, or be within the same price range.  If the optimal length of the product line can be determined, it can bring the maximum profit for the enterprise.  The combination of amusement equipment in the amusement park should also be planned and set scientifically according to the amusement park strategy. The amusement park should consider its own development from the perspective of strategic development and select the appropriate amusement equipment product line according to its own characteristics and actual situation, so as to continue to grow and increase income in the constantly changing environment.  

So for amusement parks, how to put it into practice?

  1. Build the organization that corresponds to the strategy

Amusement park clear strategic positioning, can not only stay in the ideological level, to have sustained action to carry out the determination and method  

  1. Invest resources that correspond to the strategy

The implementation of amusement park strategy, after the establishment of the corresponding organizational structure, but also to invest in the corresponding resources, including human resources and material resources。

  1. Build systems that correspond to the strategy

On the basis of organizational structure and resource investment, the implementation of amusement park strategy will establish and form a system including park operation, creative planning of new projects, and promotion of amusement equipment construction and many other aspects in the long-term process.  




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