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Precautions for the use of amusement pirate ship tires

The pirate ship is a common amusement equipment in the modern amusement park , generally swinging before and after, the main swing Angle in about 45 degrees.  The hull of the pirate ship is powered by an AC motor, which is connected to the driving tire through a belt. The whole driving seat moves up and down using the cylinder rod to make the tire contact with the bottom of the ship, producing friction and making the hull swing back and forth.  As an important part, the selection and use of tires should be in compliance with regulations, such as law enforcement.  

Tire as an important part of amusement park equipment pirate ship, its main functions are:  

  1. Support the weight of the pirate ship and bear the load of the equipment;  
  2. Transmission of bow and brake torque to ensure equipment adhesion;  
  3. Slow down the vibration and impact force of the equipment during operation and prolong the service life of the equipment;  
  4. Auxiliary control of the running speed and swing frequency of the pirate ship;  
  5. Ensure the smooth operation of equipment;  
  6. Reduce the noise control of the equipment.  

Outdoor amusement park equipment pirate ship tire inflation should pay attention to:  

  1. The newly installed tire should check the fit of tire and wheel rim first, confirm that it can be inflated when installed  
  2. Just after running, wait for the tire to dissipate heat before inflating;  
  3. Clean the valve and pay attention to check whether the valve and the door core are concave and convex and other abnormal conditions:    
  4. The inflated gas should be clean and can not contain water or oil to avoid inner tube deterioration;  
  5. Check the pressure value of the barometer when inflating, and the pressure should meet the standard to avoid the risk of tire explosion;  
  6. After filling, pay attention to applying soapy water to the valve mouth, check whether there is air leakage, and tighten the valve mouth cap;  
  7. The barometer should be checked regularly to ensure that the inspection is correct.  

Precautions for the use of tires for outdoor amusement park equipment pirate ships:  

  1. Pay attention to whether the tire pressure is normal;  
  2. Adjust and control the running speed, starting speed and braking speed within the normal range;  
  3. Operate the equipment correctly according to the instructions;  
  4. Pay attention to tire temperature change;  
  5. Avoid overload operation;  
  6. Tire aging scrap management is generally 3 years, depending on the specific situation;  
  7. Check and fill in records according to the rules every day;  
  8. Problems should be dealt with in time and recorded and summarized.


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