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How to solve the wear and tear of children’s amusement equipment?

As we all know, children’s amusement equipment will have different degrees of wear and tear after using for a period of time. This kind of wear and tear will affect the secondary sales of the equipment, cannot be used normally, and even bring huge hidden dangers. So, how to solve the problem of wear and tear of children’s amusement equipment?

1. Early wearperiodof new amusement equipment

New amusement equipment wears out quickly when it is first used, and as the break-in progresses, the rough appearance will become smooth. At this point, the wear rate decreases and the break-in period ends. This period of time is called the early running-in period.

At this time, the operator should consciously use the micro-wear period to create conditions for the stable and normal operation. During this period, for equipment not in operation, the principles of load reduction, deceleration, and reasonable operation should be followed, and low-viscosity lubricating oil should be added as much as possible. In addition, in order to shorten the running-in period, appropriate technology can be selected, and lubricating oil that meets the quality requirements can be used to improve the utilization rate of equipment.

2. Stable wearperiod of amusement equipment

During normal operation, after the rides are worn in, the colliding surfaces harden and wear slowly and steadily. Later in the period, wear is relatively accelerated due to metal fatigue, but the rides continues to work.

3. Severe wear period of amusement equipment

During this period, due to the fatigue of the metal outer surface of the amusement equipment, the conflict conditions have changed greatly (such as a sharp rise in temperature, a major change in the surface metal arrangement, a slight change in shape, an increase in clearance, a deterioration in smoothness, etc.) , so that the wear rate of the equipment increases sharply, the mechanical efficiency decreases, the precision decreases, abnormal noise and vibration occur, and the mechanical properties of the equipment change, resulting in the failure of parts and the need for maintenance. At this time, if it is forced to operate normally or under high load, an accident will inevitably occur.

So, what is the correct way to find out that children’s amusement equipment is worn out?

1. Lubrication. If the vulnerable parts of the amusement equipment are lubricated, the friction and wear between the parts can be reduced.

2. If the amusement equipment is installed in the wrong position, wear and tear will also occur. Therefore, in order to reduce wear, it is necessary to improve the installation accuracy and to check frequently.

3. Some dust can easily lead to wearof amusementequipment, and some may cause rust and problems. Therefore, it is also important to keep the amusement equipment clean.



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