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An interesting amusement equipment- Fight Shark Island Ride

Fight Shark Island is a new type of amusement facility. The overall shape is very novel. It is also a carousel type amusement facility, but its shape is not the same at all. Although this type of product is also a device that rotates around the central axis, the gameplay is more novel. The central axis is pressed by a shark-shaped abrasive at one time, and it looks very realistic. The cockpit is evenly designed around the central axis. There are water guns on the top. When the equipment is running, passengers can spray various shapes of the central axis with water guns. When the target is hit, it will perform various actions such as spraying water and raising hands. The posture is cute, and it is very interesting and interactive.

The standard cockpit of Fight Shark Island can take 24 people, and it can also be customized according to the needs of customers, including its shape. This kind of equipment is very popular with children and is used in various playgrounds and parks. Its novel design, structure and beautiful appearance can deeply attract passengers. Of course, the most important thing is its interactivity and playability, which can greatly increase the fun of children. That is the main reason why this device is attractive.

The safety design of Fight Shark Island is very important. The overall structure is made of special steel, which is very strong. The appearance is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic at one time, the overall image is realistic, and it will not cause bulges due to the improper connection, which will cause harm to children. The color is painted by a special inkjet method, which is environmentally friendly and not easy to fade. And children can play with confidence.



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