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Inspection methods and common instruments of outdoor amusement equipment

The inspection of outdoor amusement equipment is a series of inspection activities centering on the safe operation of the equipment, as well as the basic work to ensure the failure reduction and normal operation of outdoor amusement equipment. The details are as follows.

Requirements for inspectors in the inspection of outdoor amusement equipment

  1. Read the operation manual of the equipment carefully, and be familiar with the structure, component names and functions of the amusement equipment;
  2. Familiar with the structure, installation position and normal working state of amusement equipment, and characteristics of common components;
  3. Familiar with the inspection methods, able to use them comprehensively and flexibly, and record the inspection results in a standard manner;
  4. Master the fault characteristics of components, and have the ability to analyze, find, judge and deal with abnormal situations of amusement equipment.

Requirements for inspection equipment in the inspection of outdoor carnival equipment

  1. Telescopes.A tool used mainly for viewing the higher parts of amusement equipment.
  2. Magnifying glass and microscope.A common appliance used to observe details of amusement equipment.
  3. Mirrors.It is mainly used to help with reflex observation when it is difficult to directly observe the eyes.
  4. Cameras.Cameras are used to take pictures when a fixed image is needed in the inspection of amusement equipment.
  5. 5. Warning signs.It is mainly used for warning during inspection to avoid danger caused by non-professional operation. Last but not least,you should ensure that clarity and performance parameters are normal when using these appliances


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