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The characters of kids worm roller coaster

The whole device is driven by the front and back transmission parts. It runs along two spiral tracks. Sometimes it spirals up and sometimes it drops rapidly. The cute green worm shape and vivid features of the decoration make it super popular among both kids and adults. Then, what are the characteristics of this amusement equipment?

  1. The green worm pulley has the characteristics of environmental protection, corrosion resistance, good stability and beautiful appearance, and is loved by children.
  2. The track of the green worm block is made of high quality steel as a support, the safety is very high, the whole car body is made of high quality glass steel once pressed, the shape is lifelike and vivid, the external color is made of a special technique of spray painting, which has a good environmental protection effect and cannot fade for a long time.
  3. The green worm pulley is not only cute, but also low energy consumption. Suitable for amusement park, square and park.
  4. The head can set the various expressions of the green worm, looking vivid and lifelike. Add gorgeous lighting and beautiful sound rendering, improve the whole device playability.


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