Welcome to visit DINIS amusement rides

Instructions to passengers when riding on amusement rides

1 Tourists suffering from heart disease, hypertension, hypotension, Meniere’s syndrome, pregnant women or other diseases such as halo, mental illness and drinking alcohol shall not be allowed to ride the device.

2 Tourists less than 1.3 meters in height are prohibited.

3 It is strictly prohibited to stand and play on the seat

4 Smoking is strictly prohibited in the waiting area, equipment operation area and seats.

5 Tourists should follow the prescribed route to get into and out of the platform. They should not cross the railing and follow the instructions of the staff.

After entering the operation area, tourists should obey the arrangement of the staff and should not fight for seats.

7 After taking a seat, tourists should cooperate with the staff to lock the safety belt and hold the handrail with both hands.

8 During the operation of the equipment, tourists should not smoke, do not reach out to pull the hands and seats of their companions, and do not loosen the safety belt in case of accidents. And it is absolutely forbidden to extend the feet out of the cabin.

9 Visitors can not release the press bar until the equipment stops, and exit the venue in order from the exit. Do not unfasten the seat belt and jump out of the seat without stopping the device.



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