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Safety measures for indoor recreation equipment

Indoor amusement equipment is also a popular amusement project. No matter it is hot summer, cold winter or windy spring and autumn days, indoor amusement equipment is an appropriate choice. The reason is that the safety of our playground has been fully protected, so that parents can rest assured and children can enjoy themselves.How do we ensure the safety of these playground equipment? How do we set up reasonable safety measures?

  1. Children can bedivided into different age groups and cannot be mixed together for play, because older children are generally stronger than younger children, more crazy in play, better balanced and logical, and they have suitable playground equipment for play.

2: Isolation bars, ladder rungs and other devices that can be opened and closed, all bolts and hard objects should be covered and put away from the touch of the child, so as to avoid injury to the child.

3: Stages and platforms: Those built on high ground should not be set too high to prevent children from falling while riding

4: The playground will cover them with smooth and soft materials to avoid scratches and stabbing anyone



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