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Introduction to the movement mode and working principle of the pendulum ride

The large frisbee ride is a large-scale rotating amusement equipment. Its motion principle is caused by the pendulum. The trajectory is also in the form of a pendulum. There is a disc under the big arm, and when the big arm is swing, the disc under the big arm is doing turnover motion. During the operation of the equipment, passengers can also experience centrifugal force and weightlessness. The installation and use of large pendulums can be seen in squares, parks, playgrounds and other places in the city.

Movement mode

The main transmission of the big pendulum adopts the driving method of the slewing bearing driven by the motor, so that the swing of the pendulum can be flexibly tracked when the motor is driven, and the non-uniform rotation can be realized. A cylinder is used to make the pendulum swing in a large range. The pendulum is equipped with a full-featured electrical cabinet and auxiliary electrical appliances to ensure the start and safe operation of the motor. The electrical cabinet is equipped with the control circuit of the drive device and the electric bell button, which is very easy and safe to use.

Working principle

The working principle of the big frisbee ride is similar to the pendulum clock. With a line hanging with an unchanged length and negligible quality, it becomes a single bloom in the leading plane under the action of gravity. The clock is made by this principle. A line with constant length and negligible mass is suspended on a mass point, and under the action of gravity, it moves periodically in a vertical plane, which becomes a simple pendulum. Pendulum clocks are made based on this principle.

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