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What should we do if there is a power outage or malfunction on a pirate ship ride?

The pirate ship ride is a classic item in the playground, and it is sought after by many tourists because of the tension and excitement it can bring. The pirate ship ride is a classic reciprocating swing amusement facility. After it is started, the hull swings from slow to rapid. Passengers ride on the pirate ship ride, and with the reciprocating swing from slow to fast, it is like being in a stormy sea. Sometimes rushing to the top of the wave, sometimes falling to the bottom, thrilling and exciting, which challenges the limit of the player’s psychological endurance. However, what should we do if there is a power outage or malfunction on a pirate ship ride? 

Amusement Park Pirate Ship

1. When a power outage or malfunction occurs and the trestle cannot be raised to the right position, tourists should not walk around on the boat and should wait for rescue.

2. The staff will use the remaining air to operate the control valve to lift the trestle into place, and manually push the hull so that the passageway is aligned with the trestle. Tourists must be evacuated from the ship one by one under the arrangement of the staff.

3. If the remaining air cannot be used for operation, the staff will push the spare ladder to the channel opening of the hull, and tourists can evacuate sequentially along the ladder.

The production of pirate ships ride needs to obtain corresponding special equipment qualifications. As a professional manufacturer, Dinis Amusement has been recognized by the country. For the pirate ship equipment, it has mainly launched three specifications: 12 seats, 24 seats, and 32 seats, and recommendations are made according to the actual needs of customers.



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