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Lubrication of amusement equipment

Everyone knows that in the management of amusement facilities, the lubrication of amusement equipment is an important link throughout. Only when operators understand the importance of lubrication will they pay attention to this work. Then I will introduce several information about amusement equipment lubrication:

 It is known from production practice that the life of equipment and accessories depends largely on maintenance work, and the key link to maintain equipment is lubrication.

Lubrication is an important part of equipment management and maintenance, and also play a key role in tribology. It is a science that comprehensively uses liquid mechanics and solid mechanics to study the principles of fluid lubrication, lubricating materials, and lubrication methods.

Doing a good job in the lubrication of amusement equipment is to ensure the normal operation of amusement machines, prevent accidents, and prevent equipment from malfunctioning or reducing equipment performance due to poor lubrication. It can reduce frictional resistance and body wear to maintain the viscosity of related equipment, ensure the quality of operation, and prolong the service life of amusement facilities. It also can reduce function consumption and save energy to improve operation rate and increase economic benefits.



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