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How to maintain the FRP of amusement equipment?

With the development of our economy, residents are increasingly pursuing leisure and entertainment. Many investors are focusing on amusement equipment. FRP is one of the most important parts of every amusement equipment. But how to maintain FRP?

1. Take care to avoid contact with sharp and hard objects to prevent equipment damage.

2. f the equipment is damaged, it should be repaired in time.

3. It is necessary to remove the accumulated water in the facility in time.

4. Try to avoid long-term exposure.

5. Surfaces should be cleaned frequently to keep them clean.

6. Clean up the salt frost crystals on the surface in time to avoid the accelerated aging of FRP due to high temperature

7. The surface of FRP should be waxed and polished regularly.

8. Periodic repainting of FRP may be considered.

9. If cracks, holes, impregnation, deformation, burrs, bubbles andhidden dangers are found in the FRP parts during the usual inspection, they should be dealt with in time.



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