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Maintenance work of outdoor children’s amusement equipment in bad weather

Weather conditions are an important factor that investors and operators of outdoor children’s play equipment need to pay attention to. Rainfall, high temperature and high humidity air, short-term heavy rainfall, thunder and lightning, strong wind, hail and other severe weather occur frequently, which may adversely affect the safe operation of the equipment. So, how to ensure the stable operation of the equipment, what are the maintenance work of outdoor children’s amusement equipment in bad weather?

1. Attach importance to thought. This is the basic work in the early stage of ideological education and mobilization. First, all personnel should pay attention to the maintenance of outdoor children’s amusementequipment under the current severe weather, and know the importance of this work and the possible serious consequences of severe weather.

2. Form a system. The establishment of the system should be formed directly after the ideological education. If the playgroundhas the archives of the previous relevant system documents, it will be relatively simple. The previous system can be carefully studied, and then according to the operation status of the outdoor children’s amusement equipment in your playground,take effective measures in time.

3. Responsibility falls to the individual. It is necessary to clearly divide the responsibilities and assign them to people. It is recommended to have a signature link so that everyone who serves the equipment can know what their responsibilities are.

4. Pay attention to operation. Pay attention to avoid the operation risk of bad weather, and stop the operation of equipment in bad weather such as strong wind and thunderstorm.

5. Inspection duty. It is necessary to establish a rule system for inspection and duty of equipment, strengthen inspection and maintenance, and do a good job in emergency duty to ensure the safe operation of equipment.

6. Surrounding environment. Move items or facilities that may affect the operation of outdoor children’s amusementequipment, check the drainage facilities around the equipment, and strengthen the inspection of the surrounding facilities, trees, and buildings to avoid dangerous events.

Let us act together and make practical efforts to ensure the safe and stable operation of outdoor children’s amusement equipment in bad weather.



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