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Combined with the big pendulum to analyze the factors of passenger flow increase

Amusement park operators all hope to increase the passenger flow of the park, but in actual operation, it is easy to have low passenger flow. There are many reasons for this situation, but amusement facilities are one of the important basic conditions for providing service carriers.

Giant Pendulum Rides

Amusement park ride-big pendulum is an impressive piece of equipment. It has a high penetration rate, good customer acceptance, and various styles, which has a significant effect on increasing the passenger flow of amusement parks. Disney Amusement will give you a detailed analysis based on the case of big pendulum:

1: High playability

When choosing amusement equipment, it should be noted that although the appearance design can attract children’s attention and enthusiasm for participation, if it lacks playability, it cannot continue to attract customers. Passengers cheered and shrieked in a dizzying pendulum motion. Such intense feelings will attract many tourists to ride. Under the good word-of-mouth communication, more tourists will naturally enter the amusement park to experience and consume.

2: High tourist viscosity

The viscosity of tourists needs to be combined with the operating method and business model of the amusement park. Operators generally increase the viscosity by interacting in member activities, laying the foundation for the subsequent increase in traffic. The high performance and good riding experience attract tourists to apply for a membership card to of the amusement park, so there is further viscosity interaction, which increases opportunities for the promotion of follow-up activities in the amusement park.

3: High replay rate

Amusement equipment with a high replay rate must first ensure a good sense of experience. Because of its fun ride experience, the big pendulum has attracted many replay passengers. These passengers will never forget the riding experience after the experience, so they will ride again in the future, which is why this device is very popular and has a significant attract traffic effect.



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