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Playground equipment requirements for product design

When playground equipment manufacturers design a product, they have to take many aspects of the product into consideration, especially in terms of safety, and there are many requirements to ensure the safety of passengers.

The product design requirements of playground equipment are as follows:

  1. Equipment parts that may clip children’s arms, legsor arms must be avoided.
  2. The buffering performance of amusement equipment must be considered for swing machines and bumper cars.
  3. Metal parts are not allowed to have sharp exposed parts, such as screws, etc. In case of hanging the child’s clothes will cause harm to the child, the exposed part can be covered with a lid.
  4. In the selection of materials to use high performance, high quality, durable good materials.
  5. For the amusement equipment running at high speed and fast speed, safety barriers should be set to prevent passengers from falling.

The above is a brief introduction of Henan Dinis Amusement Company in terms of amusement equipment design. Our factory specializes in producing kids park amusement equipment, theme  park equipment, small amusement equipment and mechanical amusement equipment. The style is novel and can be customized according to customers’ requirements. If you are looking for park rides, please feel free to contact us for details.



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