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How to reduce the risk when investing and operating amusement equipment?

The more people who invest in children’s playground equipment, the greater the competition and the greater the risk.How to reduce the risk is a problem that must be considered before investing and operating children’s playground equipment. Risk can be significantly reduced only if you think carefully before you invest.

There are three things that must be considered before investing in children’s playground equipment: capital, location, and safety.

One, the capital aspect mainly is the early period capital and the later period capital.

  1. Preliminary funds include: expenses for business license and related business procedures, expenses for recreation equipment procurement, pre-opening advertising investment, tickets, membership CARDS and other expenses.
  2. Later funds include: peacetime sanitation and cleaning expenses, equipment maintenance expenses, follow-up recreation equipment update and increase expenses, water, electricity, fire control, monitoring and other safety expenses.

Second, site selection, location is certainly important.

  1. Site selection considerations: people flow, land price, government policies, surrounding environment, citizens’ needs, peer competition, own capital, etc.
  2. Positioning amusement equipment types, such as large-scale amusement facilities, children’s amusement parks, and recreational playground equipment for citizens, in combination with local population groups and consumption levels;Or children’s play equipment can be set up in residential areas, shopping malls or densely populated places;Parks and large amusement parks are dominated by large exciting amusement equipment.

Third, safety, safety issues must be seriously considered, must not cut corners.

  1. Qualified amusement facilities must be purchased, and relevant maintenance and regular inspection should be done.
  2. Operation, management and maintenance personnel shall undergo strict training and examination, and obtain the qualification certificate issued by the competent administrative department of quality and technical supervision to take up their posts.
  3. Have an emergency plan.For example, sudden power failure, sudden equipment failure and other unforeseen accidents


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