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Precautions for cleaning inflatable playground

There are many kinds of amusement equipment, and so is the inflatable playground. No matter what kind of amusement equipment, it needs to be cleaned well. So how should the inflatable playground be cleaned daily? There are the following suggestions:

Forest Themed Inflatable

1. For the dust on the surface of the inflatableplayground, we just use a broom to clean it. If there ismud, it needs to be wiped with a damp cloth.

2. For some stubborn stains, weneed to choose mild, non-irritating detergents for cleaning. If the detergents are irritating, then the children are easily injured when they play. Moreover, if the selected cleaning agent is irritating to the material, it will also affect the service life of the inflatableplayground.

3. When cleaning the inflatableplayground, you can also choose some soapy water. After cleaning, it needs to be rinsed with clean water. Here is a reminder:after cleaning, if you don’t dry it with a cleaning cloth directly, it is easy to damage the inflatable castle. So this also needs attention.

4. When scrubbing theinflatablecastle with a cloth, be sure to use a soft cloth, do not choose hard objects for direct scrubbing, which is mainly to prevent sharp objects from scratching their surfaces and avoid affecting their use.

5. After cleaning the inflatablecastle, it needs to be placed in a cool place to dry, not in the sun. If it is placed in the sun for a long time, it will easily affect the service life of theinflatable castle slide.



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