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Precautions for equipment design of indoor children’s playground

The modeling design of children’s playground equipment should be vivid and lively visually, close to nature and life, and full of vivid expression in modeling appearance.What should be paid attention to in the design of indoor children’s playground equipment? Next, The interior design of children’s amusement park should be viewed from the perspective of consumers. when choosing modelling shape, we should choose the modelling such as the animal that children likes and plant.For younger children, it can improve the cognition of this thing, and at the same time, it is conducive to the exercise of children’s observation ability.

In the selection and application of playground equipment, the direct contact of sharp objects, exposed hard objects and iron and steel equipment must be avoided to prevent children from bruising and trauma during play.For plastic supplies, to choose high-quality plastic products, such as toxic, taste, pollution should be banned.

  1. Ground material protection

Ground protection must be in accordance with the play facilities in the area.The protective surface can be sand, safely cushioned, sawdust, but it must be thick enough to cushion the impact.


The fire protection of children’s indoor amusement park is also important. This is explained in the news introduction and media publicity in recent years. Most operators know that children’s amusement park is forbidden to operate on floors above 3 floors, and good access and fire protection products should be guaranteed.In the site selection planning, it is necessary to recognize the entrance, exit, fast passage, emergency passage and other relevant positions and make the passage smooth according to the plan. If the area is too large, place fire appliances such as flamethrower, fire sprinkler, etc. in a convenient place at regular intervals. And in the fire detection, actively cooperate, the need for fire help.



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