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What are the effects of weather and seasons on amusement equipment?

There are many factors affecting amusement equipment, and the weather has a huge impact on amusement parks and amusement equipment.

Weather affects everything in the world at all times, and amusement rides are no exception.So how does the weather affect rides?Are some indoor rides affected by the weather?Let’s talk about these problems today.Let’s start with the impact on big rides.Large amusement facilities are basically outdoor facilities, and the space taken up by their operation is also huge, and the structure is relatively complex, so the equipment here is greatly affected by the weather.Mainly reflected in the following aspects:

First, large amusement facilities affected by seasonal, seasonal weather change on the influence of large-scale amusement equipment is relatively large, especially in the summer rainy season, once the weather changes will have to stop operation especially after thunderstorms weather will have to have a comprehensive inspection, large-scale amusement equipment is higher, generally are more likely to by lightning, in spite of the lightning protection facilities, also are not enough.It is still important to do a good job of weather protection and weather damage repair work.

Second, winter and summer had an obvious effect.In fact, the truth is very simple, the winter is very cold, if do not do a good job of anti-freezing work,the device may be damaged by the cold, at the same time, the general number of tourists in winter is fewer, coupled with the cold weather, so the staff must not take it lightly, we need to check more frequently maintenance.On the contrary, summer is on the contrary with winter. The weather in summer is changeable and there are more tourists, so the maintenance task will be very big. Only in this way can we reduce the damage to amusement equipment caused by weather change.

Large amusement equipment is greatly affected by the weather, while some indoor amusement equipment will not be greatly affected, at least not by the wind and rain damage, winter and summer will be equipped with heating air conditioning.



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