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Reasons why trackless train rides are so popular

The carnival ride-trackless train imitating the real train, is mainly designed for children between 2-12 years old. Outside appearance can be customized with colorful painting according to children’s preferences. Each cabin is equipped with audio speakers, when the train rides start run, it will play the sounds of the song at the same time. The trackless train ride is suit for both parents and their children to play together in amusement park, playground, shopping center and family entertainment centers. Here are the specific reasons why trackless trains are so popular.


1: After entering the scenic spot or park, tourists can use the small trackless train as a means of transportation, which can effectively reduce the fatigue of visiting and improve the travel experience.

2: Parents and children take the small train together to promote the interaction between them.

3: The exquisite appearance of the trackless antique train ride is also an important reason to attract children.

4: The trackless train ride is equipped with LED lights, which flash and change in different colors, and each car is equipped with a sound system, which is directly controlled by the front control room. The bell on the train can remind passers-by to pay attention to avoiding. The carriages are directly equipped with safety protection, effectively reducing safety risks.

Dinis Amusement provides various beautiful styles of train rides for you, also we provide customized service as your requirement. We warmly welcome every customer to pay attention to and inquiry any of our products. If you want to know more about the playground equipment or amusement industry, feel free to contact us!



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