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Guidelines for Planning Children’s Playground Equipment

1: Security

In the planning of children’s playground equipment, children’s safety should be the first priority. The site selection of the children’s playground should avoid public places where the roadway and surrounding conditions are relatively disordered, so as to avoid traffic accidents. In addition, playground amusement equipment needs to be carefully checked for protrusions (such as nails and bolts, etc.), extrusion points, sharp edges and sharp corners that can jam children’s heads and fingers to reduce safety acctdents duting children’s playing time.

2: Children-oriented

The planning of children’s playgrounds should be aimed at children. The planning of various sports spaces and arrangement of equipment should conform to the physical characteristics and sports standards of children. For example, some tables and chairs for adults will not be suitable for children. Therefore, when planning children’s playground equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to children’s activities such as walking, running, climbing and crawling in the playground, as well as children’s body standards.

3: instilling teaching into pleasure

Considering the needs of children’s sports diversity, the planning of the playground equipment should integrate participation, diversity, common sense and fun to create a relaxed and fully functional sports place for children, and endow it with cultural connotations, so that it has the potential function of “teaching through entertainment”.

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