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Should outdoor amusement parks choose unpowered or mechanical amusement equipment?

With the rapid development of the entertainment economy, people’s consumption level for outdoor leisure and entertainment has gradually increased, and the amusement equipment industry has undoubtedly achieved higher development. But now people’s demand for outdoor amusement equipment is gradually moving in a direction that is more novel, exciting, individual, and themed. The current outdoor park equipment is roughly divided into non-powered and mechanical. Which of these two kinds of equipment is more popular among amusement parks?

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1: Features of unpowered amusement equipment

The overall safety performance of unpowered amusement facilities is extremely high, and the most worrying thing about playing outdoors is safety issues, so from this point of view, unpowered amusement facilities are actually more suitable for children under 10 years old or parent-child families to play. There are many types of unpowered equipment, and the emphasis is on subjective gameplay.

The maintenance cost of unpowered equipment is low, the maintenance process is simple, and it has the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and sun protection. In addition, non-powered equipment has good interaction, and the design and matching of products are more reasonable. It can not only meet the needs of consumers for independent amusement projects, but also integrate multiple people to play games.

2: Features of mechanical amusement equipment

Large-scale outdoor mechanical amusement equipment is generally a popular project in amusement parks. It is mainly open to teenagers and adults. The project has a sense of stimulation and decompression. The maintenance of electric mechanical amusement equipment is relatively complicated. Each set of equipment needs to be overhauled by a special person, and it needs to go through strict annual inspection. Amusement equipment also needs to be maintained after rain, otherwise it is easy to cause accidents due to stagnant water. The types of mechanical amusement equipment are also rich and colorful, such as sightseeing ferris wheel, carousels, mini train ride, self-controlled aircraft, roller coasters and other projects.

Whether it is unpowered or mechanical equipment, it has its own advantages and disadvantages, mainly depending on the positioning of the playground and the overall investment amount.



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