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What are the pre-investment work of setting an unpowered park?

With the low-cost operation mode of the amusement market, it has attracted the attention of many enterprises. Now urbanization has improved the space of outdoor leisure places, and the rise of forest parks, riverside parks, and leisure parks has increased everyone’s interest in outdoor sports. Therefore, the corresponding unpowered leisure park is also in line with the development of the times. What are the pre-investment work for a non-powered park?

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1: Theme positioning

If you want to invest in outdoor unpowered parks, you must first look at the right time, and then locate the main source of your target audience. If the theme direction is determined, there will be a clearer way of communication with the amusement equipment design manufacturer, which will not only give you a basic understanding of the choice of equipment, but also allow you to understand the range of investment costs.

2: Site selection

There is a lot of space to choose a site suitable for the construction of a non-powered park, such as high-end communities, commercial scenic spots, forest parks and other places. The construction of unpowered parks is mostly small and medium-sized, because its cost is controllable and that can also ensure the stability of surrounding users.

3: Unpowered equipment selection

The most important step in the unpowered park is to choose amusement equipment. The requirements for the equipment are not only diverse styles, peculiar shapes, and grand scale, but should conform to the direction and theme of the unpowered park, and then find a suitable supplier according to the functional requirements of the amusement


The management direction of the outdoor non-powered parks that Dinis Amusement participates in is highly diverse, including the R&D and design of amusement equipment, the post-management mode of theme parks, etc. In addition, we still insist on good user operation data, and output professional and ideal design solutions for the market. Welcome to your inquiry!




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